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Pearls Tree Handmade Headpiece Gold Bridal Hair Comb


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Natural Keshi Pearls Flower Pins Set Bridal Headpiece In Blush Tones


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Porcelain Lily Cluster With Pearls In Blush Tones Handmade Bridal Headpiece


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Porcelain Lily In Swarovski Crystals Branches Handmade Bridal Headpiece In Rose Gold


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Delicate Tulip Porcelain Flowers & Pearls Bridal Headpiece, Handmade Hair Comb


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Golden Rhinestone Sunflowers Pearls Handmade Bridal Headpiece


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Nail Polish Flowers Handmade Bridal Headpiece In Nude


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Petite Nail Polish Flower Cluster Oriental Bridal Headpiece, Chinese Wedding


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Gold And Red Nail Polish Flower Cluster Bridal Headpiece, Chinese Wedding


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Pearl Jungle - Pearls Cluster With Coin Pearl Bridal Headpiece, Handmade Hair Comb


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Swarovski Clusters And Pearls Bridal Hair Pin, Handmade Headpiece


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French Beaded Flowers In Red And Pink Bridal Headpiece Chinese Wedding


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Pink French Beaded Flower Cluster Hair Accessory For Brides And Bridesmaids


Handmade Bridal Headpieces, Adornments and Jewellery, customized to your favors

Hello customers! Here in Belle Bridal Jewellery, you will see creative and inspirational bridal headpieces, earrings and jewellery, all are handcrafted by hands, sewn and twisted one by one, bead by bead with high level of traditional millinery techniques, each piece is unique and you can find it nowhere. Stay tuned with us and you can find new additions are out each day! Enjoy your day!